Decorative Column Wraps

Illustration by Ryn Gargulinski

Porch pillars, support beams and even boring old columns can get a new face with decorative column wraps. Available at home-supply or decorating stores, column wraps have the ability to add a unique touch to any pole that needs one.

Available in a number of materials, sizes and styles, decorative column wraps can change the entire ambience of a room, porch or basement.


The purpose of decorative column wraps is to turn something unsightly--like a boring column or drab concrete pole--into a fashion statement. A wrap usually fits snugly around the column or pole, and in the best-case scenario, makes it look as if that is what the column or pole is made of. People should not be aware that a boring column or bare pole lurks beneath the decorative wrap in which it is housed.


Column wraps are available in a number of styles and made out of a variety of materials. Some of the most common are fibreglass wraps, which often come in standard white or a variety of colours. Others come in a faux stone or other textured material, often in a selection of natural or subtle hues. Wooden decorative column wraps are on the market, some with long slats that run the length of the pole to add an interesting vertical visual.


Most column wraps come in a kit, which also includes covers to either cover up or create a base out of the same material as the wrap. Some wraps (like many of the fibreglass types) will have to be fitted around the column and then caulked or cemented into place. Others, such as the wood slat column wrap, can be installed simply by fitting the wooden slats into the wooden top and base that come with the kit.


People who want to take the decorative column wrap one step further can easily add their own artwork to the mix. Wrapped columns can always be repainted, texturised or decorated with stencils, artwork or other fixtures as the artist sees fit.

Other people who like the columns they have but just want them spruced up a bit can go for a wrought-iron column wrap. This style can include scrolls, flowers and other iron artwork that is placed around the column like a tall, decorative gate.


Not all decorative column wraps have to be permanent instalments. People looking to spruce up a space for a party, wedding or other festive event can use a number of temporary items to wrap a column. Tulle, fabrics, ribbon, lace and even strings of balloons are some possible adornments. They can be secured at the top of the column with double-sided tape and wrapped around to the column's base, or even strung between columns for an even more festive touch.