About mortarless concrete blocks

Laying concrete blocks is never easy. It is time consuming to work with a trowel, trying to smooth walls while experiencing the time constraints of the setting mortar. You can save time and money by using mortarless concrete blocks.


Mortarless concrete blocks allow you to cut costs in your building by eliminating the need for highly skilled labour, a great number of tools and mortar. In addition to time savings, mortarless concrete blocks do not sustain damage from termites or wood rot. They make your structure stronger, wind resistant and provide excellent insulation to the building. Mortarless concrete blocks offer noise resistance compared to traditional methods such as wood framing.

Time Frame

Not using mortar allows you to complete your project much faster than with conventional blocks. Mortarless concrete blocks often offer an interlocking tongue-and-groove system that can be worked on by even unskilled labourers. They can be used in any weather condition because you do not have to worry about the mortar setting. It is estimated that a conventional square meter of mortarless concrete blocks can be completed in 3 minutes.


Mortarless concrete blocks can be bought in pre-manufactured kits for putting together housing and commercial buildings. The kits even contain blocks with electrical and plumbing outlets. You have the option to fill the concrete blocks with grout for strength if desired, or leave as is. The hollow interior also allows for placing in re-bar support if needed.


Mortarless concrete blocks are great to use as retaining walls in gardens. They offer built-in drainage with the openings in the blocks. They can easily be placed in a variety of designs and patterns and hold up to rain and wind. They are easily moved if needed, and no special tools are required to put together a mortarless retaining wall for your garden.


Laying these blocks at a faster rate than if you would mortar concrete blocks will put additional strain on your body. Take care not to overextend yourself. Also, take precautions because mortarless concrete blocks can release crystalline silica dust, which can lead to diseases such as silicosis and lung cancer with prolonged exposure.

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