Qualities of a good husband

wife and husband image by Jarek Miarka from Fotolia.com

Finding Mr. Right these days means looking for someone who is more than tall, dark and handsome. The qualities of a good husband can and must be identified before marriage. Good qualities in a husband can affect the entire dynamic of your marriage and help ensure that your marriage will be longer lasting and happier.


A good husband will embody many different characteristics, including being a good listener and communicator as well as being able to apologise without being prompted. You can't go wrong with a man who feels a certain sense of obligation to shoulder expected and unexpected responsibilities at times. A good husband should also be sensitive to your emotional changes. Loyalty and honesty are musts in any marriage.


Good qualities make a marriage easier. During disagreements, for instance, a husband who is willing to compromise can help avoid long, drawn out arguments. Simple good qualities such as this will improve your quality of life, especially if you as a wife possess the same.


Downplaying the significance of finding good qualities in a husband can have negative effects. Marrying based solely on physical attraction, for instance, usually has a bad outcome and a lower quality marriage over the long term. Since nearly half of modern marriages end in divorce, lowering expectations when looking for a husband can mean the difference between a lifetime of memories and a lifetime of regret. Good qualities, whether in a husband or a wife, should never be sacrificed in the rush to get married.


If you are dating a man, notice his mannerisms and the way he treats you. Pay attention to how he answers questions and whether he tends to avoid deeper issues or seems overly guarded. See if he allows you to be independent and at the same time knows how to treat you as a lady. When more serious tests come along, such as interaction with other women, do you feel as if he would remain loyal to you? Some tests have to be more planned: If you become more serious about him, you may have to give him a pop quiz and see how he handles himself in "real-life" situations.


Although a good husband possesses a lot of good qualities, remember that the man you're considering does not have to be all these things in every situation. Take into consideration his upbringing and recognise him for his successes as well as acknowledging that he will have flaws. Nobody is perfect, and you should not go into any situation expecting the perfect response every time. Remember that even a good husband can be worn down by time and loss of virtue and patience. Times such as these are when he will need a good wife at his side to lean on.