The Best Way to Label Plastic Storage Containers

Plastic storage boxes and containers are a great way to organise your home. Most come in clear plastic so that you can easily see stored items. The containers are versatile, stackable and can be used to store items in the garage, office, attic or closets. Labelling your plastic storage containers can be accomplished in many ways.


If you are buying a large plastic tub that will be used for the same item, label the box with a permanent marker. Examples are boxes that will hold Christmas ornaments or decor, loose nuts and bolts in the garage or seasonal clothing items you need to store during the off season for the lack of closet space.

Some plastic containers come with a built-in label slot. Simply slide an index card or other paper in the slot to identify the items within the container.

Plastic shoe storage boxes are very popular for the shoe fanatic. These help keep the bottom of your closet area organised and keeps you from having to search for the missing mate to a pair of shoes. You can take a quick photograph of your shoes by using an instant camera with self-developing film and tape the picture to the end of the shoebox for easy identification.

Labelling your plastic containers with sticky labels is a great way to quickly locate an item. You can find removable labels on the grocery aisle with the aluminium foil and cling films or in an office supply store.


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