Homemade Hair Color for Kids

Children often want to have fun with their hair either by dyeing it or just adding different-coloured highlights. Hair dye can be bought from a retail store. Dye kits have many chemicals which can damage hair if the dye is used too often. However, there is a safer way to dye hair. Using unsweetened Kool-Aid packets in the desired colour is the trick. Many kids, as well as some adults, have been using this method for years to dye their hair.

(For darker-coloured hair and red hair)

Bleach your hair with a bleach kit (not dye). You can buy this kit from the store. Follow the instructions provided on the box. Mix the ingredients accordingly. Apply the bleach to hair in a well ventilated room. Put a shower cap on your hair and wait for the recommended time period. Take the shower cap off periodically to check how much of your hair has been bleached. Wash the bleach out once your hair is a yellowish white colour. Do not use the conditioner that comes with the bleach because you will be dyeing the hair.

Mix two packets of unsweetened Kool-Aid of the desired colour with a doubled quarter-size amount of conditioner. It's important NOT to use sweetened Kool-Aid because it will make your hair sticky and messy.

Wet your hair if you did not bleach it. Get a towel and wrap it around your neck. Put on a pair of plastic gloves. Apply the mixture of Kool-Aid and conditioner to your hair. The Kool-Aid and conditioner mixture should be thick enough to coat your hair. If it is not mixed well, mix it again before you continue. For highlighting hair, take two to three inches of hair and apply the Kool-Aid dye. Put hair in strips of aluminium foil and press the foil together to seal it so that it is separated from your other hair. Repeat this step wherever you want highlights.

Wrap your hair in a shower cap and leave it. The longer you leave the Kool-Aid dye in, the more vibrant the colour of your hair will be, especially if your hair is light. Overtime, the colour will gradually fade.


Toothpaste will help the colour come out quicker. This will not work well for naturally light-coloured hair. Dark hair, especially red hair, is the hardest hair colour to dye. You will first need to bleach the hair.


Ask for your parent's permission before dyeing your hair. Use the bleach kit with supervision. You do not have to bleach your hair if you have light-coloured hair. If you do decide to use bleach, the colour of your hair will become dramatically bright.

Things You'll Need

  • Bleach kit (for dark and red hair only)
  • 2 tbsp conditioner
  • 2 packets unsweetened Kool-Aid (desired colour)
  • Shower cap (for bleaching and dyeing)
  • Aluminium foil (for streaks or highlights only)
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