How Much Space Between a Toilet & a Shower?

Written by sarabeth asaff | 13/05/2017
How Much Space Between a Toilet & a Shower?
Toilet and shower placement involves codes. (View of Hotel Bathroom image by TekinT from

Adding a small bathroom to a home, or fitting a shower into an existing 1/2 bathroom, can make a big difference. The key to successfully installing a small bathroom is following both plumbing code and plumbing guidelines for the installation of plumbing fixtures. This includes leaving the proper amount of space between a toilet and a shower.

Bathroom Fixtures and Plumbing Code

When you remodel a bathroom, or install a new one, it's important to leave enough space around each of the fixtures. To do otherwise would not only make the bathroom uncomfortable and difficult to use, but you also could violate plumbing code. Failing to comply with plumbing code could cost you hundreds of dollars in fines, in addition to the cost of having to remodel the bathroom again.

Size of a Shower

The minimum size requirements of code must be met when you install a shower in your home. This means that your shower's interior must be a minimum of 30 inches by 30 inches. An additional 4 to 6 inches may be taken up by walls on the sides.

Placement of a Toilet

When you install a toilet in your home, the width of the space the toilet needs to sit in must be at least 30 inches. This is measured from the centre of the toilet to 15 inches on each side. So if you install a shower next to the toilet, the shower cannot be closer than 15 inches from the toilet's centre, while still remaining a minimum of 30 inches in size itself.

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