What Is the Correct Wall Mount Height?

Mounting a TV on the wall requires more than just tools and a TV mount. It also requires thought and consideration. If you hang the TV in the wrong spot, you will either have to move it, causing unsightly holes in your wall; or you will have to watch television in a way that is uncomfortable. Fortunately, the procedure to determine where to mount the TV is simple.

Finding a Place

The hardest part about finding a place for a television mount is finding a place to hang it. TV mounts must be hung from the wall studs. If you do not hang the mount from the wall stud, your television will come crashing down from the wall and break into pieces and be completely ruined. The easiest way to find the studs in your house is to use a stud finder. This piece of equipment will locate the studs when pressed against the wall. You will want to mark the location of two to three studs in the area where you want to hang the TV. Make sure the studs go all the way to the floor for stability.

Consider Furniture

Inspect the furniture that you have. Do you have a TV stand that you want to place under the television? The TV will have to be hung high enough so that it does not touch the top of the table or get covered by the table. Use a measuring tape to determine the height of the table. Make a mark on the wall with a pencil to show where the top of the table will hit. Now look at what you are going to be sitting in as you watch television. Will you sit on a sofa? Chair? Or you do intend to sit on a low chair such as a gaming rocker? This will also help determine where to place the TV on the wall. Sit in the seat and stare straight ahead. You can hold a laser pen at the same level as your eyes and flash it on the wall. Mark this height with a pencil. The middle of the television will ideally be located near that mark.

Trying Heights

Measure your television. Make a large square out of paper that matches the measurements of your television. Tape the piece of paper onto the wall where you want to hang the TV. Try several different heights between the lowest height (right above the measurement for the table) and the highest height (resting on the bottom of the eye-line mark). Find a comfortable place where your head does not feel strained or uncomfortable when looking at the paper. Mark this level with a pencil and mount the television to the wall at that place.

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