What Surfaces Do Suction Cups Stick to Best?

Updated April 17, 2017

Suction cups can be functional as well as add decoration to your space. Suctions cups work by creating an air pocket between your suction cup and the smooth surface or wall you are attaching it to. An airtight seal is formed around the edges of the suction cup, and the small air pocket in the centre causes it to push against the wall or surface because no air can get in the space, creating a vacuum.


Tile is an option for suction cups, as long as the tile is larger than the suction cup being used and it is smooth and nonporous. If the tile is smaller than the suction cup, it will not create a seal because the grout lines will deter the vacuum seal from forming. You can use suction cups on tile in your bathroom or kitchen to hang hooks for towels or bathroom accessories that you use on a regular basis and need easy access to.


Glass is one of the more common surfaces used for suction cups. You can use a suction cup to mount a GPS unit to your windshield or dashboard in your vehicle, which is a common use. You can also buy a mount for your phone, and with a Bluetooth-enabled device or speakerphone, this creates hands-free calling. To ensure a good seal, make sure your glass is clean and free from dust and other debris.


Suction cups can also seal to metal, as long as the metal is smooth and nonporous. You can use suction cups to stick to your smooth kitchen appliances to add hooks for items that you use regularly, such as kitchen utensils or hand towels. You can also attach them to metal in a garage or workshop for hanging tools and other frequently used items that you need to have on hand. Make sure you read your packaging, and do not try to hang more than your weight limit allows.


Suction cups can also be used on fibreglass bathtubs, as the whole surface is smooth and nonporous. You can use hooks to hang razors, washcloths and the like. There are also items for people who have trouble slipping in the shower, such as a suction cup handle that allows you to enter and leave a bathtub or shower more easily. There are also suction cup mats that you can place in the bottom of a shower or bath so that the floor is not as slippery as it would normally be.

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