How to Use a White Westinghouse Self Cleaning Oven

Updated March 23, 2017

White Westinghouse self-cleaning ovens are a fully functioning ceramic range and oven with a programmable touch pad and screen instead of dials for the oven. The touch pad is exceptionally user-friendly with both pictures and words on each button to help even the newest owner easily navigate through the oven's functions.

Operate the radiant range elements by turning the knobs on the top of the stove to the desired temperature, ranging from low to high. You will know a particular burner is on because the unit will glow red.

Set the oven temperature by pressing the "Bake" button on the press pad and setting the temperature using the "plus" and "minus" buttons.

Set the timer by pressing the "Timer" button and setting the timer using the "plus" and "minus" buttons.

Set the oven to broil by pressing the "Broil" button.

Clean the oven by pressing the "Oven cleaning" button and selecting the length of the self-cleaning. The default self-cleaning is three hours. The word "CLn" will appear on the screen when the cleaning is set and in progress.

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