Sony Clock Radio Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Sony clock radios are convenient and full-featured devices used as alarm clocks, CD players and radios. The clocks have three different alarm settings, which take advantage of the built in CD player, radio or the standard buzzer sound. In addition, you can listen to your favourite CDs or radio stations at any time.

Setting Time and Date

In order to use any of the alarm settings on your alarm clock, you need to set the time and date. To set the time and date, plug the radio into an electrical socket and press the "Clock" button until you hear a beep and the year unit in the display blinks. Adjust the year by pressing the "Tune/Time Set +" or "Tune/Time Set -" buttons until you reach the correct year. Press the "Clock" button to advance the display to the month; change the month using the "Tune/Time Set +" or "Tune/Time Set -" buttons. Continue using this method to set the day, hours and minutes. When you press the "Clock" button after setting the minutes, you will hear two beeps.

You can view the current date at any time by pressing the "Snooze/Date/Sleep Off" button. Press the button again to see the year.

Setting the Alarm

The Sony alarm clock has three separate alarm settings: CD, radio and buzzer. Choose the alarm setting you want by pressing the corresponding alarm button until you hear a beep and the hours on the display start blinking. For example, if you want to use the CD alarm, press the "Alarm Set CD" button.

Change the hour by pressing the "Tune/Time Set +" or "Tune/Time Set -" button to adjust the hour and press the alarm button. Use the same method to change the minutes.

If you are using the CD alarm, change to the track you want to use by pressing the "Tune/Time Set +" or "Tune/Time Set -" buttons. Press the "Alarm Set CD" button when you are done to save the setting.

If you are using the radio alarm, change the radio station using the "Tune/Time Set +" or "Tune/Time Set -" buttons to choose the station that will play when the alarm goes off. Press the "Alarm Set Radio" button to save the alarm setting.

CD Player Operation

When you want to listen to a CD, press the "Open/Close" button to open the CD cover and place the disc in the tray. Push the lid closed and press the "CD" button. The controls are the standard controls found on most CD players. Press the "Play" button to start playback, the "Forward" button to advance to the next track, the "Reverse" button to go back to the beginning of the current track and the "Stop" button to stop playback.

Radio Operation

Sony alarm clocks support AM and FM radio stations, as well as local weather station forecasts and TV broadcasts (audio only). To start the radio, press the "Radio/Band" button to switch between "AM," "FM1," "FM2," "TV" and "Weather." To switch between stations, press the "Tune/Time Set +" or "Tune/Time Set -" buttons.

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