How to Make Your Own Personalized Earring Hang Cards

Updated February 21, 2017

Commercial earrings often come attached to cards with holes poked through them. These are called hang cards. If you make homemade jewellery, or you need new hang cards for jewellery you have in your collection, you can make earring hang cards to keep pairs of earrings together. The cards also help display the earrings as they would hang on a customer's ear, and they can convey important information such as the materials used to make the earrings, your business name and the price of the earrings.

Open the word processing program in your computer and create a new document.

Click on "options" or "page set-up," depending on your program, to open a table.

Click on the option for a table and choose the number of rows and columns. Choose and enter the height of each cell to change the earring hang card sizes.

Type your name or the name of your jewellery line into one of the cells. Add any pertinent information about the jewellery as well. Paste or retype the text into all of the cells.

Place a sheet of heavy card stock into the printer's feed tray.

Click "file" at the top of the word processing program's window and select "print."

Allow the ink to dry before moving the printed card stock.

Cut along the cell lines to separate the cards.

Poke two holes into each card with a paper piercer at the place where you want to attach the earrings.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Word processing software
  • Heavy card stock
  • Printer
  • Paper piercer
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