Euro-Pro Steam Iron Instructions

Steam irons work to eliminate wrinkles in garments and home fabric decorations, such as heat-safe draperies and curtains, in two basic ways. They work vertically for steam-only ironing while the garment is still on the hanger, and horizontally for iron and steam pressing on a flat surface such as an ironing board. Euro-Pro steam irons have a water reservoir with a self-cleaning function to remove built-up calcium deposits that can plug up the steam vents, and an automatic shut-off feature if the iron is not used.

Turn the temperature dial to a setting compatible with the garment being ironed. Set the iron on its heel upright, and allow the iron to fully heat for two minutes prior to ironing.

Hold the iron in a horizontal position and begin to iron the garment. When the iron is turned to a horizontal position, it will automatically produce steam. Turn the steam dial to a setting to produce the desired amount of steam for the garment being ironed.

Press the water spray button to shoot a jet of water on the garment to help remove stubborn wrinkles. To produce extra steam when using the steam iron, press the burst-of-steam button to release an extra shot of steam during ironing.

Hold the iron in a vertical position to stop producing steam. For vertical steaming from the iron, use the burst-of-steam function.

Place the iron upright on its heel. Preheat the iron for two minutes at the maximum heat setting.

Place the garment on a hanger away from other garments, and away from people.

Hold the iron about 2 inches from the fabric being steamed, and press the burst-of-steam button, pointing directly to the wrinkles. Steam will exit from the soleplate. Wave or move the steam iron over the garment in areas needing ironing while pressing the burst-of-steam button.

Stop the steaming by resting the iron in a vertical position on its heel.


Allow the steam iron to fully heat up for the best production of steam. Let the iron cool down completely before storing.


Always point the vertical steam feature away from people and other garments.

Things You'll Need

  • Euro-Pro steam iron
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