When to prune a variegated weigela?

Written by irum sarfaraz | 13/05/2017

Variegated weigela is a quick-growing deciduous shrub. The plant has green and gold leaves and blooms with pink flowers during summer. It is one of the most commonly planted variegated shrubs. It grows upright and reaches a mature height of 4 to 5 feet. Hard prune the plant every few years. This helps to keep it neat and maintain vigorous growth. Lightly prune each season to keep the plant in shape, and remove the older stems to ground level. Younger plants need little or no pruning.

Growing Tips

Weigela grows well in full sun, but in very hot weather, a little afternoon shade helps to prevent leaf browning. It needs a moist and well-drained soil. Trim back the shrub lightly after the flowers have faded in order to keep a neat shape. It is also recommended to remove some of the older stems in the established plants before spring growth in order to encourage full new growth. Water plants thoroughly whenever you find the top 4 to 6 inches crumbly and less moist. Mulching around the plant will not only retain moisture but is also effective against weeds. Established plants need very little fertiliser.

Planting Guide

Plant bare-root weigela shrubs in spring after the start of growth. If you're growing it in a container, you can plant all through the season. Planting earlier in the year like in spring and summer gives the plants plenty of time to get settled in before winter. Weigelas are highly prone to winter injury, and if they are damaged extensively, then major pruning is required. Though the plants do survive, it will be at the cost of losing their first and largest batch of flowers. They are best planted in masses and also go well with perennials and annuals.

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