Homemade International Costumes

Updated April 17, 2017

International costumes allow you to step outside of yourself simply by dressing up. If you and your friends each have a different, vibrant cultural heritage, consider swapping traditional clothes to use for Halloween costumes. You can also make a variety of international costumes using household goods and inexpensive craft supplies.

Dia de los Muertos

Celebrate the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) with this homemade costume. Use face paint to give yourself a skeleton face. You can complete the skeleton look by using white acrylic paint to draw bones on black leggings and a leotard. Or you can simply complement your new skeleton face with a festive outfit. Wear a brightly coloured red or yellow skirt or trousers with a black shirt and pair of shoes. For a finishing touch, wear a sombrero or flowers in your hair. You can make flowers out of construction paper, or purchase fake ones at a craft store, and hot glue them to a headband to wear.

Indian Sari

Find a tight-fitting, cropped shirt in your closet, or make one by cutting and hemming a shirt you already have. Find or make a thin, ankle-length skirt, petticoat or slip. For a one-night costume you could simply pin a sheet around your waist. You will need to purchase about two yards of fabric for the sari. Choose a bright, semi-transparent fabric, preferably with some sparkle.

Wrap the fabric around yourself like a sari. Learning to wrap a sari can take some practice, so be patient. Begin by tucking your sari fabric into your skirt at the front of your waist on the right side. Continue to tuck it in, making pleats as you go, and moving toward the left. Once you make it around your waist, take the fabric with your right hand and pull it from behind your back to your right side. Then sweep the remaining fabric up and across your body and drape it over your left shoulder, and leave some fabric hanging behind your back. You can hold the edge of that fabric in your right hand.

Add a finishing touch to your costume by wearing bangles, anklets and henna tattoos.

French Man

If you have an old striped shirt in your closet, then you can surely pull of this campy homemade French man costume. Wear the striped shirt along with some black or dark denim trousers, preferably tight ones. Make a red scarf with felt, an old sheet or inexpensive fabric. Make a moustache out of black felt and stick it under your nose using tape. You can also use face paint to give yourself a moustache. Complete the costume with a baguette, and speak in your best French accent.

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