Recipe for Floor Wax Remover

Written by sara tetreault | 13/05/2017

If you have applied floor wax that is too slippery or that has stained your floor, you can easily remove this wax by using ingredients that you have under your kitchen sink. This recipe can also be used should you need to remove a coat of wax from the floor before applying a new coat or if the floor is beyond cleaning. Applying a wax remover will help you to clean your floor and make sure that it is spic and span for a new coat.

Mixing the Wax Remover

Make sure that you have rubber gloves before you start making this mixture. Be sure to also open some of the windows in the area that you are stripping the wax from because the fumes from this recipe can be strong at times.

Mix one cup of ammonia, two quarts (eight cups) of water and a quarter cup of washing soda in a one-gallon bucket. If you don't have washing soda at home, you can purchase it in the household chemicals section of the grocery store. Arm and Hammer has a variety that is particularly effective. Be careful that the bucket that you use wasn't previously used to mix bleach. Mixing bleach and ammonia together can result in a deadly combination.

Applying the Mixture

Keep your rubber gloves on while you apply the mixture to the floor. Use a sponge or a mop to apply the cleaner to a relatively small area of your floor. Make sure that when you apply the mixture, you apply it liberally so that the floor is rather wet. Allow the liquid to sit for about five minutes so that the wax will begin to loosen. Use the scrubber side of your sponge to loosen the remaining wax. Wipe the wax off this portion of the floor using the soft side of the sponge. Repeat this entire process over the entire floor. If the wax does not come up, make another batch of the mixture and doing the floor again. This may be the case for floors that have not been cleaned in quite some time.

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