Instructions for Silk Wrap Nails

Updated April 17, 2017

Doing a silk wrap is a quick and easy way to repair a torn natural nail or to lengthen nails with a tip . You can purchase the products needed for silk wrap nails at any local beauty supply store. You will need silk wrap nail fabric, brush on resin or nail glue, tips, spray activator and files. With a little practice you will be able to apply silk wraps like a pro.


Remove your polish, wash your hands and push back cuticles using a rubber tipped cuticle pusher. Trim down the nail. If you are repairing a nail, trim the nail close to the tear you are repairing. Shape the nail using a fine grit file. File the top of the nail with a 600-grit file and brush away all file dust with a soft brush or gauze pad.

Application Of Tip

Using a brush on resin or nail glue cover the entire nail surface, avoiding the cuticle area. Allowing the resin or glue into the cuticle area will cause your silk wrap nails to lift or come away from the nail. If you are applying a tip, buff the top of the nail where the tip will be applied. Apply the tip by placing a small drop of glue into the well of the tip and rocking it gently onto the nail from the free edge back. Hold the tip to the nail firmly for about 10 seconds to secure. Cut and file to the shape and length you desire. Buff the seam line of the tip flush to the nail. Cut a small strip of silk nail fabric, called the stress strip, to cover the seam line and brush with resin or nail glue to secure. If you are repairing a nail, apply the stress strip over the tear. Spray with activator.

Application of Silk Wrap Fabric

Select the correct size pre-cut silk wrap form and apply to the nail close to the cuticle but not overlapping. Brush on resin or glue to coat the wrap, saturate until transparent, spray with activator. Repeat this process at least four times. Smooth the nail surface and around the edges with your file. Be careful not to over file. Silk wrap nails are delicate. When the shape is correct, use a three-way white and grey buffer to give nails a natural shine, wash hands, then polish as desired.

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