How to Make a Wolf Stuffed Animal

It can be fun and easy to make a wolf stuffed animal. Whether you want to make a gift for a child who enjoys wolves or you simply like to have stuffed animals around your home, this is a fairly simple project that won't take a lot of time but will have impressive results. Stuffed animal sewing projects are easy enough for older kids to complete. Follow the steps outlined here for the quickest way to a new stuffed toy that looks like a wolf.

Find a pattern. There are many ready made patterns at any fabric store. You can also find wolf stuffed animal patterns online both for free and for a small fee. If none of these appeal and you are a more advanced sewer, you can even try creating your own pattern. Be sure to look at the level of the pattern. A beginner sewer may want an easier pattern, while an advanced sewer may want one with more detail in the toy's features.

Gather the materials. A visit to the local fabric store or any online fabric store will help you gather the materials you need to make the stuffed animal. There are some fuzzy plush toy materials on the market that are perfect for this type of project, but the type of material you choose is up to you. A beautiful cotton can be used to make a toy that seems more like a pillow, for example.

Pin and cut the material. Pin the pattern to the material, following instructions closely. You'll want to fold the material exactly as the instructions indicate, because different patterns call for different methods. Once you are certain that you have the material in the correct position and folded correctly, cut very carefully. Leave the pattern pinned to the material as a guide when you start to sew.

With the right side of the material facing in (for both pieces) sew the material using a machine or needle and thread. The plush toy can be sewn either way, but if you are hand sewing, you may want to use a whip stitch or other stitch that will create a very secure seam, so the filling doesn't leak out. Leave a small opening in the material about two inches wide.

Turn the sewn material right side out and fill with the polyester filling. Be sure to push the poly into the corners of the wolf. You may need to use a pen or other object to push the filling into toes and tail.

Finish closing the material with a simple hand stitch and add detail, such as googly eyes or whiskers. Since each pattern will call for different detailing, it is impossible to list all possibilities. Be sure to consult the pattern materials list to make sure you have everything you need on hand.


Don't worry if you make a mistake while sewing because it is simple to pull the stitches loose and start again.

Things You'll Need

  • Material
  • Batting or polyester fill
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Eyes
  • Pattern
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