Fun Ways to Teach Times Tables

The more multiplication facts that children memorise, the easier division and other math problems will be for them in the future. When math is made easier children will have more fun. Many times tables lessons will add some fun to the process. Use as many methods as desired to make learning more interesting.


One fun way to teach the times tables to children is with the use of singing. Learning boring facts through song can help children remember the appropriate answer to a times table problem. Do not use the singing method as the only form of instruction. Also employ the use of worksheets and flashcards, or other traditional reaching methods, to solidify the answers to the problems in the child's mind. Without the use of traditional teaching methods, children may only be able to recall the answers to the problem after singing the entire song. Start with the zeroes and add another number every week.


Use incentives to make speed drills more fun. Have the students try to complete a list of times table worksheets under time restrictions, depending on the students' progress. Give each student who can successfully complete the worksheet in the appropriate amount of time a small incentive, such as no homework for the day, or a small candy or fun eraser. When the entire class can beat the one minute mark, plan a fun field trip or something fun in the classroom to celebrate.

Online Games

Online multiplication games can be a fun way for children to learn and practice the times table. has many different multiplication games, from Snowy Fun, where students fill in multiplication answers to get clothing for a snowman, to Snowball Fight where students must answer problems correctly to throw snowballs at enemies to The Ants Go Marching where you must choose the correct answer before ants run off with it.

Classroom Games

One fun times table game is Times Table Bingo. Give each student a blank bingo card and a list of all of the answers to the problems. Have each student fill in the squares in whatever order each wants. Call out the problem and have the students mark the correct answer on their bingo sheets. The first person to get a row of marks is the winner. You can also play Number Tag. Give each person in the class a tag with a times table equation on it. For the rest of the day, students must only be addressed and address each other by the solution to the problem on their shirts.

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