Wagner Airless Sprayer Problems

Updated November 21, 2016

Problems with Wagner paint sprayers are common among many paint sprayers. Most issues that you will encounter can easily be fixed without the expense of taking your sprayer to a service centre. One of the most common problems is when sprayers stop spraying. The culprit is usually the pump, filter or tip.


The pump draws paint through a siphon hose and directs it through the spray gun. It is possible that your paint is too thick for the pump. Add approximately half a cup of water per gallon of paint to thin it. You don't want it too thin; too much water will reduce the ability of the paint to cover your object, and increase the probability of the paint running on vertical surfaces.


Located inside of the handle of your paint gun is a filter that the paint passes through. When this filter becomes worn out, paint can no longer flow through it and out of the gun. Make sure that the power to the sprayer is turned off before you replace the filter. Grasp the head of the gun and the handle; twist the head of the gun to your left to loosen and remove it from the handle. Remove the filter and replace it with a new one.


Airless sprayers push out a high volume of paint through a very tiny hole in the spray tip. After each use, the tip must be thoroughly cleaned so that you can look through the back of the tip and see light through the small spray hole. If you cannot see light through the tip, it is clogged with paint. Push a very thin piece of wire or a tip cleaner through your spray tip to dislodge dried paint.

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