Flower Arrangements for Movie Theme Parties

Updated April 17, 2017

A movie-theme party might include cinema-themed snacks and drinks, film trivia games, music from popular movies or decorations created with movies in mind. Flower arrangements are a suitable accent for any party, and with some movie-related additions, blend seamlessly with a movie party's theme. Incorporating ticket stubs, celebrity photos and popcorn into flower arrangements provides decoration and also serves as a movie theme party conversation starter.

Movie Theme Flower Arrangements

When people think of movies, the next thing that comes to mind is usually popcorn. One way to incorporate a movie theme into flower arrangements is by using a popcorn box in place of a more traditional vase. Fake popcorn boxes available at most craft stores are a bit sturdier than regular paper popcorn boxes and are ideal for use as a vase. Classic popcorn boxes with vertical red and white strips and spiked edges make for a more recognisable piece. If you are feeling creative and have more time for the project, buy cardboard boxes and paint them with red and white stripes for the same effect.

After purchasing or making the popcorn boxes, buy an assortment of flowers and greenery to use in the arrangements. Buy the flowers the same day of the party so they are fresh when the guests arrive. Either get flowers of certain colours to match the other party decor or purchase your favourite blooms. To make sure the flowers receive enough water, fill the popcorn boxes with a piece of floral foam soaked in water, or arrange the flowers in a vase, then place the vase inside of the popcorn box. If using floral foam, fill the popcorn boxes with the foam and then place the stems directly into it. The floral foam holds the flowers in place while providing water to keep the buds looking fresh. Otherwise, place your flowers in a vase filled with clean water and then put the vase inside of the popcorn box. To finish the arrangements and hide the floral foam or vase, fill the top of the box with some popcorn.

Add even more interest to the flower arrangements by incorporating movie tickets or pictures of movie stars. Buy some pipe cleaners and ticket stubs and print some photos of your favourite celebrities. Use a dab of strong glue attach the tickets and photos to the pipe cleaners and then arrange the pipe cleaner "stems" in your flower arrangement. Avoid getting water on the tickets or photos. If you are making more than one centrepiece, group photos from the same film in each arrangement.

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