What to Wear to a First Holy Communion Mass

The First Holy Communion is an important event to a person of the Catholic faith. Often a formal occasion, the First Holy Communion has deep symbolic and religious meaning that is very significant to the family of the child and the community of the church in general. It is a rite of passage--not an event to be taken lightly.

The Church

Though every ordained Catholic Church adheres to a standard of core tenets and beliefs, the way in which those beliefs are interpreted can vary greatly from church to church. If you are unfamiliar with the church you will be attending, asking those who have attended a previous First Holy Communion Mass for advice is the best route to take. Be sure to ask specific questions as to what type of dress would be appropriate, and what they might wear if they were you.

General Conduct for Parents

The Catholic Church has a traditional style of plain but formal and clean attire. It is important to be in good hygiene when in attendance, and to not dress in a flashy way. The goal is to look presentable and respectable, but not to draw attention to yourself; attention drawn to yourself is often seen as disrespectful, as it takes the attention off of God and is distracting. Modest clothing is a must as well. Immodest clothing, especially for women, is considered shameful and disrespectful in most congregations. Dress in a way that does not reveal much skin.

Current Trends for Children

Some of the top communion clothes for boys as reported by, are dark-coloured chino trousers, white formal shirts, red formal shirts with the First Holy Communion year dated on the tie, and nice shoes. For girls, it is traditional to wear a white dress, white patent leather shoes, white gloves, and a white veil--all of which come in many different styles.

If your child is participating in the First Holy Communion Mass, it is recommended that you ask the priest or another informed authority about what the children will be wearing. Will the child or children be wearing dress clothing, or robes? Will these be custom ordered, or is there some set procedure for this event? These questions may be a great help when deciding how to dress your child.

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