Ion Hair Dye Instructions

Written by linda donahue | 13/05/2017

Ion makes a line of hair colour products called Color Brilliance, available in a cream or liquid. Both are permanent hair dyes. Ion products can be found online, at their own site or at most beauty supply stores, such as Sally's. When using any hair dye, be sure to use the developer made by your dye manufacturer.

Using Ion Color Brilliance

Use a nonmetallic bowl or application bottle for mixing your ion dye and ion developer. Mix in a 1-to-1 ratio. So if you require one 59.1ml bottle of dye, mix it with 56.7gr of developer. Either stir it well in the bowl or shake the bottle until thoroughly mixed.

If you are applying this as an entirely new colour, then you can apply it overall, working it down to the scalp. If you are applying this as your usual colour and have done this colour the last time you dyed, then first apply the dye to your roots and let them have about 20 minutes head start on the rest of your hair. After the 20 minutes, apply the dye to the rest of your hair and give it another 20 to 30 minutes.

The time you leave on the dye can vary depending on the volume used, whether you are covering grey or are trying for a lighter shade or a shade similar to your natural colour. In general, processing time for using a 10 volume developer runs 25 to 35 minutes. If using a 20 volume developer to cover grey or to produce a colour lighter than your original, then give the product 30 to 45 minutes of developing time. Also use 30 to 45 minutes when using a 30 or 40 volume developer.

If your hair is fine, you may require less time as its more receptive to taking the dye. Coarse hair may require more as it tends to be resistant.


The website (see the link in Resources) offers a number of suggestions and tips when using its product. The permanent hair colour should not be applied until at least two weeks after using the relaxer service.

A person's hair and scalp should always be checked first, including the elasticity and porosity of the hair. If the scalp is showing signs of irritation, do not continue.

If the desired results on the natural hair colour turn out to be lighter than anticipated, choose a shade one to two levels lighter to avoid results that turn out too dark on porous hair.

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