DIY clock kits

Updated November 21, 2016

Sometimes, something as simple as a clock can make or break a room's decor. Fortunately, there are clock kits that allow you to build your own clock, creating a custom one-of-a-kind piece. Clock kits will vary on materials included and can be purchased both online and offline at local retailers, such as a craft shop.

Choosing a clock kit

There are potentially hundreds upon thousands of different clock kits. Some clocks kits only provide the basic mechanism of the clock and require that you purchase your own clock hands and other materials. Meanwhile, other clock kits include everything from the clock mechanism to the hands right down to the undecorated (or decorated) clock face.

Clock assembly

Before you purchase a clock kit, you must find a face for your new clock. Clock faces can be made from literally anything: an old ceramic plate, an old record or even a toilet seat. Once you've found the perfect face for your clock, you can then purchase your clock kit. It is important to follow these steps, otherwise you may end up purchasing a large scale clock kit with the intentions of building a larger clock; but then fall in love with a small ceramic teacup plate as your chosen clock face.

After you've got the two main components, you'll need to install some numbers onto the face of your clock, or not --- that's entirely up to you. You can make your numbers out of number stickers or you can glue on sequins, glitter or fake gem stones. You can also use copper nails or furniture tacks, which look great on leather based or wood based clocks. Experiment with different items and you'll find the perfect look for your clock face.

Once everything is in place and you've painted or stained your clock face, it is recommended that you spray a few layers of clear sealant to protect your clock from fading, dust and other potential damage. Allow each layer to fully dry before spraying on a new layer.

After your clock has been designed, you can assemble and install the clock mechanism. This will vary from kit to kit because some kits will provide you with a pre-assembled, working clock mechanism while other kits require that you actually assemble the clock mechanism. Once assembled and installed, attach to your clock as recommended by the manufacturer's instructions, insert the necessary batteries, hang on the wall and enjoy.

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