Directions to Make a Fun Fur Golf Club Cover

A common golf accessory is the golf club cover, which covers the head of the golf club. Depending on whether you have a flashy or conservative style, you can make a variety of different golf club covers. For fun, you can even create a "furry" golf club cover.

Selecting the Cover Material

As noted above, there is no limit to the patterns and colours you can use for your golf club cover. If you are more comfortable with conservative colours, you can select a material that is darker in hue, rather than bright in colour. Since you are making a fun fur golf cover, try a more vibrant colour to add to the cover's already flashy fur material. A fabric store will have a variety of fur materials that you can purchase in custom lengths, depending on how many golf covers you plan to make. Drivers usually have covers, whereas the others typically do not.

Preparation and Materials

You will need about a yard of the fur fabric, a yard of material to use as a lining for the cover, thread and a needle. Cut two pieces of fur fabric 12 inches long and 6 inches wide. These pieces are the front and back of the cover; round the tips of these pieces. Cut a third piece for the cover's "side piece" 3 inches wide by 32 inches long. Finally, cut identical pieces of the lining fabric.

Sewing and Assembly

Since you want the fur on the outside, make sure you sew the cover inside-out, with the lining fabric facing outward as you sew. Simply sew the side piece to the front and back, leaving about a 1/4-inch seam. Leave the bottom, the straight edge of the cover, open for sliding the golf club head into the cover.

Further Accessories

For even more flair, you can add accessories such as plastic eyes or coloured rhinestones to the fur cover. Purchase plastic eyes and other accessories that have loops on their underside for sewing. Add these accessories prior to sewing together the other materials.

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