Whirlpool Bath Installation Instructions

Updated December 21, 2016

A whirlpool bath is a great way to add equity to your home when you're remodelling. Not only can you enjoy the benefits of the whirlpool, but its value can help when you sell your home. If you have electrical, carpentry and plumbing skills, you can do a complete whirlpool installation with some help from some friends.

Prepare for the Whirlpool Installation

Determine the size of the frame for the whirlpool bath. Remember to allow access to the whirlpool pump (see Reference 1). The flooring under the tub must provide 68kg. per square feet of support. It's important that whirlpool tubs have support from the floor and not from the frame.

Run the water lines in to the whirlpool frame. Install the drain lines. If you are remodelling an older bath and adding the whirlpool tub, make sure the plumbing is adequate to handle the new fixture. Also make sure your home's hot water heater is large enough to provide water for the whirlpool bath.

Install the electrical wiring. In addition to the wiring, you need a GFCI outlet to protect you from electrical shocks while using the bath.

Check the Whirlpool

Inspect the whirlpool bathtub before you bring it into the house. Look for any damage to the interior as well as the exterior. Set the whirlpool on a level surface and fill it above the jets with water. Hook it to a temporary GFCI electrical connection. Make sure it is operational and that it doesn't leak.

Drain the tub and bring it into the house if there are no visible problems. Do not carry the tub by its plumbing fixtures during the whirlpool installation as this can damage them or cause leaks.

Install the Whirlpool

Set the tub in place in its frame. If you want you can set it in mortar set on the whirlpool supports (see Reference 3). Make sure the tub is level before the mortar sets.

Hook up the P-trap, the overflow and the waste drain. Next, attach the running water lines to the tub. Check for leaks coming into the tub as well as in the drainage system.

Finish wiring the electricity to the whirlpool. Make sure the GFCI circuit is complete.

Fill the tub with enough water to cover the jets. Turn them on to make sure the whirlpool action is operational. Check again for leaks around any of the joints. Drain the tub.

Complete the frame to finish your whirlpool installation. Seal any cracks with silicone caulking.

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