Homemade Barbie Cake

Updated November 21, 2016

Barbie cakes are popular among young girls and are great for birthday parties. This cake is unique because a Barbie doll is part of the upper tier of the dessert. Homemade Barbie cakes are easy to make and enable you to give a doll along with a satisfying sweet treat.


Find a cake pan that is in the shape of a mound and approximately 1 foot tall. The cake will form the doll's skirt, so the pan should be taller than the length of the Barbie doll's waist to her feet. If you can't find a cake pan this size, consider using a pan that is more flat and long. With this type of cake pan, the doll will be sitting down in her dress. If you need to feed a large group of people, you can use the style of the doll sitting down on a large sheet cake.

Choose a Barbie doll to place in the centre of the cake. Because the doll will be touching the food, use a new doll that can be given as a gift or clean the waist area and legs of an existing Barbie. Set the doll in a clean environment until its ready to be placed into the dessert.

Building the Cake

Bake the base of the cake in the tall or long mound pan or into sheets. If you chose to use one of the mound pans, spray the inside of the container with non-stick spray to ensure that the dessert comes out in one piece. Allow the cake to cool completely before removing taking it from the pan. Carefully shake the cake out of the pan or use a butter knife to pull the cake sides away from the pan. If you use one of the pans, put the flat side of the cake on the plate. Shave off any parts of the flat side that keep it from being a smooth surface. This technique with enhance the cake's sturdiness.

Frost the entire surface of the cake and the sides of you chose to use sheet cakes. Decorate the base frosting of the mound cake with designs to make it look like a skirt. Insert the Barbie's legs into the top middle of the tall cake until the waist touches the cake. If you used the long pan, bend the doll at the waist and pierce the legs into the cake through the side until the waist reaches the desert. If you are using sheet cakes, use a spongy treat such as Rice Krispies Treats to form a full skirt around the legs of the Barbie doll. Build up the bottom of the skirt so it appears fuller on the bottom than near the waste. Set the doll on top of the cake and frost over the skirt. Decorate the base frosting with fancy details.

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