How Can I Dress Up a Very Small Bathroom Window?

Updated April 17, 2017

Creating a window treatment for a very small bathroom window can be a challenge, but it can also be an opportunity to think outside the box. Whether you prefer the traditional look of curtains and blinds, or would like to try something a little different, you'll turn a plain little window into a pretty decorative accent.

The Basics

When you're decorating a small window, it will appear taller and wider if you place the hardware for curtains or blinds outside the window frame.

Cover the glass with tinted window film. This will provide privacy while allowing light to enter the bathroom. If you still want to use curtains, you'll be able to leave them open during the day.

Use colour to create an illusion of size. Curtains in light or pale colours will make the window look larger. Use a tone that matches the wall colour to make the window blend into the wall, rather than a contrasting colour, which will emphasise the shape and size of the window.

Choose lightweight materials for curtains and blinds. Rather than weighting the window with heavy drapery fabrics or blinds with wooden slats, use gathered sheer, semi-sheer or very lightweight opaque fabrics for curtains, and roll-up matchstick or bamboo blinds.

Decorative Treatments

Explore window treatments other than traditional curtains and blinds. Attach a shelf to the wall at the bottom of the window frame and set a large decorative pot filled with greenery on it.

Screw a sturdy ceiling hook into the inside top of the window frame and hang a basket of flowers (real or artificial) from it. If you decorate seasonally, replace the flowers with seasonal and holiday decorations.

Turn the window glass into faux stained glass. Choose a picture with fairly simple lines. Purchase an adhesive-backed leading product to outline the elements of the picture, and stained-glass colour sheets to fill in the design (see the Resources section for more information). Apply the faux stained-glass materials to the window as directed by the manufacturer.

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