Tobi steamer instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

The Tobi Steamer is used to remove wrinkles and odours from clothing, upholstery and drapery. When the steamer is delivered to the consumer it comes in ten separate pieces. Tools are not required to assemble the Tobi Steamer. The ten pieces include the: water tank and valve cap, main unit, unit base, hose and steam nozzle, the telescopic pole, the extension pole, steam nozzle holder, lint and pet hair attachment, upholstery attachment and the shoulder strap.


The water tank and valve is the container that holds the water. The main unit is where the power switch is located, and where the water tank is inserted. The main unit fits into the unit base and the unit base is what sits on the floor. The hose and steam nozzle is a hose that attaches to the main unit. It is from the steam nozzle that the steam escapes. The telescopic pole is a pole that extends and locks into place, and the extension pole fits onto one end of the telescopic pole. The steam nozzle holder fits onto the top of the pole. Both the lint and pet hair attachment, and upholstery attachment are small, oval-shaped parts, which fit onto the nozzle. The lint and pet hair attachment is white and red, while the upholstery attachment is black.


Begin assembling the steamer by extending the telescopic pole. When extended, this pole will be about three times its unextended length. Unlock by turning the clearly marked locking mechanisms in a counterclockwise direction, extend the pole, and then lock into place by turning the mechanisms clockwise. Screw one end of the extension pole into the black end of the telescopic pole, to make one long pole. Fasten the steam nozzle holder on the other end of the extension pole.

Fit the bottom end of the telescopic pole to the unit base, fitting into the circular locking mechanism. The steam nozzle holder will be located at the top of the pole. On one side of the steam nozzle holder is a hook for hanging a garment hanger, while the nozzle hangs on the opposite end. The hanger hook should be directly over the base, and the nozzle holder should be behind the pole.

Snap the main unit into the unit base by sliding it into the base unit and clicking in place. The on and off switch will be the end away from the pole. Tighten the drain plug, near the on and off switch, before adding water. Connect the hose to the main unit. Read and remove the warning label from the steam nozzle before adding water or turning on the machine. The nozzle can then be placed on the steam nozzle holder, at the top of the pole.


To use the machine for ironing garments, remove the water tank from the main unit and fill with tap water. Fasten the lid on the water tank and return it to the main unit. Plug the steamer into an electric outlet and turn on. Wait until steam comes out of the nozzle before using. Hang the item of clothing onto the hanger hook. Grab hold of the bottom of the garment and place the nozzle on the top of the garment and pull downward, while gripping the lower section of the garment. Run the steamer head over the garment, in a downward motion, to remove wrinkles. Avoid any direct contact with the steamer head, to avoid burning your skin.


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