Creative Ways to Display Wine Glasses

Wine glasses have beautiful shapes. If you are a wine lover and use them often, you might wonder about creative ways to display your wine glasses. Rather than store them away in a dark cabinet, you can use your wine glasses as part of your decorating scheme in your kitchen, bar or dining area.

Hanging Wine Glass Racks

You can hang them on a rack. Some racks mount under kitchen cabinets, while others are suspended from the ceiling. Some mini bars and wine bottle racks also include hanging space for wine glasses.

If you don't want standard hanging racks, consider the Glasklasen wine glass chandelier (see Resources below). It provides a bold accent to your dining or bar area and solves wine glass storage problems.

Glass Display Cabinet

You may have everyday, plain wine glasses but you also have fancier, more expensive glasses that were wedding gifts or intended for use only on special occasions. Perhaps these glasses are more ornate, colourful and delicate. If you want to display them, but also want to protect them, buy a sidebar, hutch or mini bar that includes shelving with glass doors.

Choose a display case that fits with the room decor, whether it modern or traditional. Look for units with built-in lighting and glass shelves to really show off your wine glasses.

Decorate the Wine Glasses

If you have wine glasses but don't use them, use a grouping of wine glasses as a table centrepiece or to decorate the top of your sidebar. Fill some glasses with candles, and others with glass beads or silk flowers.

Use glasses that are different sizes and shapes for a grouping. Use a silky table runner or some ivy to wrap between the glass bases to tie the look together.

Wine Glasses in a Bucket

If you often have outdoor parties, use this idea from Country Living magazine: carefully stack your glasses in a decorative bucket or basket. You can leave it sitting out on your kitchen counter or sideboard, and then when you need to take the glasses outside they are easy to carry. This works best with durable, everyday glasses, rather than the special occasion kind.

For a special touch, add colourful wine charms to the glasses. They'll look great on display, and when it's time to party, everyone can easily tell the glasses apart.

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