Recovery From Mortons Neuroma Surgery

Morton's neuroma is a foot condition characterised by a compressed nerve between the third and fourth toes. Usually sharp pain is felt when walking and when wearing shoes that are too tight or that squeeze the toes. Some steps can be taken post-surgery to get your feet and toes back to good working condition.

Increase Blood Flow

Immediately after surgery, start walking at a slow, gentle pace. It is a misconception that you need to stay off your feet. Instead, you will want to get blood circulating to the affected area. Use a soft ice pack or a bag of vegetables to ice your foot in the days following surgery. Try to hold ice to the foot five times a day at 20 minutes per session.

If your doctor prescribes pain medication, it is recommended that you take it, according to the prescribed dose. If you still feel pain after taking the recommended dosage, you can take naproxen or ibuprofen as a supplement for relief. Do not overdose on the prescription medication.


The first two weeks after surgery, you may have difficulty bathing. You cannot get your foot wet, so you likely will have to alter your bathing routine. If you prefer to take baths, leave your foot exposed to air as long as it remains perched on the tub. Sponge baths are preferred, as you do not have to be immersed in water. They are generally the safest method of bathing because the likelihood of the affected foot getting wet is less than with other methods. Taking a shower is the most laborious method because your foot must be covered in plastic. If showering is your preferred method of bathing, however, you can buy plastic sleeves with elastic bands at the drugstore to help keep your foot dry.

Healing Time

The doctor will provide special footwear following surgery. Recommended footwear may be a boot or even Crocs, because they are comfortable and expedite the healing process. Do not wear anything other than what your doctor suggests during the first four weeks after surgery. Within that time frame, your stitches will be removed. Besides special footwear, Morton's neuroma surgery does not require much post-surgical care or physiotherapy. However, do not engage in any extreme exercise other than walking. As long as you wear the shoes your doctor advises for the duration he recommends, you should be able to wear any shoe of your choice in approximately eight weeks after surgery.

Slight numbness at the surgical site is normal but if there is any pain or discomfort, call your doctor immediately.

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