Macrame Owl Instructions

Updated July 20, 2017

Macrame is an easy-to-learn craft for everyone. Using simple knots and cord of varying widths, you can create everything from bulky items like plant holders to delicate jewellery pieces. With modern cord that is effortless to work with, and is available in great colours, the macrame of the past is a distant memory.

Materials and Knots

To make a macrame owl approximately 17 inches long, you will need the following items : 57 yards of four-ply jute; two 2-inch plastic rings; two 1-1/4-inch wooden beads for the eyes; two pieces of wood to attach the top and bottom of the owl; craft glue; and a macrame board to hold the jute down as you are tying the knots. Macrame boards are helpful because they usually include information on how to create the necessary knots. To create the owl, you need to know how to make a lark's head knot and a square knot.

The Base

Cut the jute into several pieces. For the base, cut 12 cords, each 4 yards long. You will also need four cords, each 1 foot long and, for the eyes, 40 cords, each six inches long. Attach each of the 12 base cords to one of the pieces of wood using a lark's head knot and pin the cords where they meet the wood to the macrame board to keep it still. Tie 15 rows of alternating square knots using two working and two holding cords. Alternating square knots are formed by tying knots across a row, then in the next row, use four of the cords from the knots in the previous row. On row 15, tie an extra square knot under each square knot in this row. This is where you will add the other piece of wood. Take two of the square knots and wrap them over the piece of wood and, using a piece of jute, tie them together using another square knot.

The Eyes

To make the eyes, tie half of the 6-inch cords to each of the plastic rings with lark's head knots. Fluff out the free ends of the cord and make sure the ring is covered with the jute pieces. Add the wooden bead inside the ring by threading it with jute and tying it to the cord and knotting it at the back. Glue the eyes onto the body with the fluffy ends on the outside.

Add a hanger to the top piece of wood by braiding a piece of jute and tying it on each end or drill a hole through the wood and secure both ends of the jute with a large overhand knot.

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