Exercises to treat fibroids

Fibroids are growths on the uterus that are usually harmless but can be painful and even lead to anaemia or infertility. Surgery is one option to remove fibroids, but exercise can help treat and prevent them.

Aerobic Exercise

When a woman is not ovulating regularly, fibroids are more likely to occur and symptoms will worsen. Light exercise such as walking daily will ensure regular ovulation. There is no need to do extreme exercise or to exercise at a high intensity. Swimming, cycling, aqua aerobics, and yoga are helpful ways to exercise for fibroids. Certain exercises like belly dancing and hula hooping may be even more beneficial for fibroids as they improve blood flow to the pelvic region. Chinese medicine says that a lack of blood flow to the pelvic region can result in a blood stasis, which will encourage fibroid growth. Therefore, exercises like using a hula hoop will help reverse the effects by increasing circulation.

The Effects of Hormones and Weight

Many women have fibroids and feel no symptoms, and never do. But obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure can increase a women's likelihood of getting fibroids and having problems. Thirty minutes a day of light to moderate exercise will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy waistline. Exercise also can help relieve high blood pressure and diabetes.

Regular exercise also reduces the production of hormones that stimulate fibroid growth, so try to incorporate some form of exercise into your daily routine.

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