Gifts for Aspiring Doctors

Someone aspiring to be a doctor works long hours for many years in medical school and residency. Finding the right gift for a loved one who is working to be a doctor helps him feel loved and alleviates the stress, if only temporarily. The perfect gift for an aspiring doctor expresses thoughtfulness and encourages his interest.

Gifts of Escape and Relaxation

Doctors are well known for not taking enough time off from patients to get away. Purchase a night's hotel or bed and breakfast stay as a gift for an aspiring doctor to give her a chance to relax before opening her practice. As an alternative, plan a fun getaway for the two of you, taking care of all the details, to help get her mind off the stress of studying and exams during her down time.

Give an aspiring doctor the gift of some time off her feet by treating her to a day at the spa. If professional spa treatments are outside the budget, save money by putting together a spa basket from purchased products or homemade versions. Include a lavender-filled spa eye mask for relaxation, candles to create the atmosphere and moisturising body and bath products to pamper her skin.

Gifts to Stimulate the Scientific Mind

Gifts such as puzzles and games inspire and invigorate the mind of an aspiring doctor. Buy an aspiring doctor a moving cubical puzzle or book of sudoku to keep his mind busy in the lulls between studying and classes and teaches problem solving. A set of plastic interlocking building blocks gives him a creative outlet.

Electronic handheld game consoles come in a variety of styles. Purchase games for the console as add-on gifts for future occasions. Electronic handheld games provide educational as well as mindless entertainment to the aspiring doctor.

Gifts of Practicality

Every college student needs more cash. Send the aspiring doctor in college some extra cash in a thoughtful gift card. Buy a savings bond or contribute to a college savings account for the younger aspiring doctor.

Help the aspiring doctor away from home enjoy a nutritious meal on the go with a restaurant gift token. Send a fruit basket or cookie bouquet for a special late-night study treat. Tuck a coffee shop gift card into a gift package, and the aspiring doctor will think of you while enjoying his daily Java fix.

Gifts on the Eve of a Medical Career

For the aspiring doctor close to beginning practice, purchase personalised items she can use in her career, such as an embroidered lab coat, engraved pen or desk accessory set. Load an MP3 player with her favourite songs divided into playlists for various moods or give her a digital picture frame filled with photo memories from medical school to personalise her office.

A doctor spends many hours each day on his feet. Purchase a gift token for a speciality foot-comfort shoe store for an aspiring doctor ready to start residency. A massage chair or cushion eases aching muscles at the end of a tough day.

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