Sony Dream Machine Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

The Sony Dream Machine is a clock radio with a CD player and a large digital display. The Dream Machine has several additional clock options such as two separate alarm settings and a nap timer. The clock is ready to use out of the box, and set-up only takes a few minutes.

Setting the Clock

The clock function on the Sony Dream Machine needs to be set when the unit is first plugged into a power outlet. Depending on the type of model you purchase, the display will read "AM 12:00" for the 12-hour system of telling time or "0:00" for the 24-hour system for telling time. You cannot switch between the two systems.

To set the clock, press and hold the "Clock Set/Track" button until you hear beep. The hour unit on the clock will start to blink. Press the "Time Set +" or "Time Set -" buttons to change the hour until the correct hour is displayed. When set, press the "Clock Set/Track" button once to switch to the minutes unit. Use the "Time Set +" and "Time Set -" buttons to change the minutes unit. Press "Clock Set/Track" to finish setting the time. You will hear two beeps letting you know you are out of the clock setting mode.

Setting the Alarm

The Dream Machine allows you to set up two different alarm times, each of which can use the radio, CD player or the buzzer as the alarm sound. The alarm settings are referred to as Alarm A and Alarm B. To set Alarm A, turn the selector knob around the "Alarm A" button to your desired alarm sound: "CD," "Radio" or "Buzzer." Hold down the "Alarm A" button until the "Alarm A" indicator light flashes on the display and the hours unit will start to blink. Set the hours unit by pressing the "Time Set +" or "Time Set -" buttons. Press "Alarm Set" to change to the minutes unit, which is changed with the "Time Set +" and "Time Set -" buttons. Finish setting the time by pressing the "Alarm Set" button again. If you chose to use the CD player as your alarm sound you will be prompted to select a track. Use the "Time Set +" and "Time Set -" buttons to change the track number, and press "Alarm Set."

Alarm B is set using the same method as setting Alarm A, only you will use the "Alarm B" button.

Nap Timer

In addition to the regular alarm settings, the Dream Machine has a nap timer. The nap timer is a countdown timer that sounds the buzzer once the time counts down. The nap timer cannot be set to a specific time like the alarm, but is easier to set up as only one button needs to be pressed. To set the nap timer, press the "Nap" button repeatedly until you find the amount of time you want to countdown. You can set the timer for 10, 20, 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes. The timer will start counting down once you stop pressing the button.

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