Dry ice party effects

Updated April 17, 2017

Dry Ice can be used for many unique party ideas. The foggy effect can add to the mood and feel of your get together. Try some new ways to use dry ice effects for your next party

Purchasing and Handling Dry Ice

Dry ice can be purchased from many grocery stores, some liquor stores, and from ice suppliers.
Never store dry ice in a tightly closed container. It can explode. Purchase the ice as close as possible to the time you will use it. Transfer dry ice in a styrofoam cooler. Move the ice around as little as possible to avoid too much sublimation, which is the process by which the ice turns to a gas. Never touch dry ice with your bare hands, it will burn you. Always use gloves, and/or a sturdy pair of tongs.

A Traditional Pumpkin or Graveyard

Put a chunk of dry ice inside your carved pumpkin, then pour a little water over the ice. Warm water will create more fog, but last for a shorter time, while cold water creates less fog, but lasts longer. Fog from the ice will come out of the holes carved in the pumpkin. Fill a watertight container with dry ice and add water. Place the container near your "graveyard" for a spooky fog effect.

Fantasy Party

Use dry ice for a fantasy themed party to create a mythical effect. Use the dry ice effect by your doorway as guests enter your magical world. Put the ice in a couldron near the TV to create ambience as you watch Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Put ice inside a closet and let the mist flow out as if from a magical other world. Place a tray of ice under the centrepiece on your food table so that the fog flows around the trays of food so they look as if magically floating in a sea of fog.

Classy and Fancy

Add a little dry ice and water to champagne glasses and scatter around the room. Use dry ice and water in a dish around the base of candles. Put dry ice in the bottom of champagne buckets or in a tray under the centrepiece of the buffet table to create an awards show ambience. Use dry ice near any area with special lighting for a lovely effect. Be sure guests do not come into physical contact with the dry ice. Keep it in places where it is obviously for decoration.

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