Marketing Stratagies for a Floral Business

Updated April 17, 2017

Creating marketing strategies for your floral business can help you increase sales and create a better position for your business in the marketplace. As part of your overall marketing plan, marketing strategies address your business objectives and can guide your marketing decisions. Here are some suggestions for planning the marketing strategies for a floral business.


Analyse your current position. Research your market share by determining your competitors' annual sales. Look at your current income, and calculate the amount by which you would like your bottom line to increase. Consider the floral products you currently offer, and study new items available in the flower industry.


Choose your marketing goal. General marketing objectives include expanding your existing market, increasing your market share, entering a niche market and maintaining your current position. Your marketing goals should be consistent with your overall floral business goals (increasing growth or maintaining your current business.

Target Market

Define your target audience. You can create several marketing strategies, but each plan will differ depending on your target market. Sample target markets include business owners who buy flowers for their offices or men who regularly purchase flowers for their loved ones.


Increase your floral business sales. Offer membership or discount cards to get customers to purchase more flowers. Seek out new customers by advertising in new media (such as bridal magazines or the local chamber of commerce newsletter). Search for complementary items (such as gifts) that could boost your bottom line.

Increase your market share. Advertise the positives of your floral business when compared to your biggest competitor (examples include better service, custom floral arrangements, or free delivery). Do everything your rivals do to market their business, and then add more to increase your overall sales by pursuing niche markets (such as weddings, funerals or proms) that they do not work in.

Find a niche market. Most florists try to sell using the "Flowers for Every Occasion" ideal. By choosing a niche market and offering the best service, price and product within that market, you take a dominant spot. Position yourself as the go-to business for your niche market (i.e. "When you think of wedding flowers, think of us."). Sample niche markets include businesses, weddings and funerals.

Maintain your current position. Make sure your present marketing methods are working by holding a promotion to receive direct feedback. Sometimes, maintaining your market share or income level may mean adjusting your advertising methods. Offer your dedicated customers discounts on floral arrangements or use gift cards as incentives for buying more flowers.


Choose your advertising media wisely. Research the demographic information for the media (most salespeople will have this information), and make sure their market matches your targeted customers. If you are marketing to a specific niche (for instance, wedding flowers) choose a niche publication (like bridal magazines) over generic publications.

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