Do It Yourself Monkey Bars

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether in your backyard or at a playground, as a kid, you probably remember swinging on monkey bars at least a time or two. Monkey bars can build strength, serve as a place to sit and chat, make for part of an obstacle course and most of all, provide an outdoor fantasyland for kids. While there are plenty of swing set kits you can purchase that include monkey bars, consider making a custom set on your own.

Build the top ladder of the monkey bars by starting with one 4-by-4 inch board that is 12.5 feet long.

Drill one hole 3 inches from the end of the board. The hole should be approximately 2 inches deep. Drill the same hole every 1-foot. Your last hole should be 3 inches from the other end of the board.

Repeat the same drilling process on a second 4-by-4 inch board that is 12.5 feet long.

Go to your local hardware store and have 1-inch thick aluminium piping cut into pieces that are 28 inches long. You will need 13 pieces.

Place epoxy glue into each of the drill holes.

Place one end of an aluminium pipe piece into the first drill hole on the first board and place the other end of the pipe into the first drill hole on the second board. Repeat the process for all pipe pieces.

Put the formed monkey bars aside and let dry for 12 hours.

Dig a 1-foot hole in the ground. Measure 32 inches and dig another 1-foot hole in the ground.

Measure 12.5 feet from the two holes and dig two more 1-foot deep holes that are 32 inches apart. You should now have four holes in the ground.

Purchase four pieces of 4-by-4 inch wood to make posts that will be planted into the ground. The wood can be as long as you desire. For higher monkey bars, use longer wood. For lower monkey bars, use shorter wood.

Add aluminium bars on the posts to act as a ladder to get to the monkey bars by following the same process in steps two through six, except use fewer aluminium bars. Determine how many bars you need for the ladder based upon how high you choose to make the posts.

Plant the ladders into the holes you dug in the ground. Pack the dirt around the posts firmly.

Sit the monkey bars evenly on top of the ladders and drill a 1-half inch hole through the top of the wood monkey bar posts and into each of the four ladder posts. Place an 8.5-by-.5 inch bolt through each hole and screw a nut on. You now have monkey bars.


Use at least two people to work on this project to assist with holding parts.

Things You'll Need

  • Two 4-by-4 wood boards that are 12.5 inches long
  • 13-28 inch pieces of aluminium piping
  • Epoxy glue
  • Drill
  • Four 4-by-4 wood boards of desired length
  • Four 8.5-by-.5 inch bolts
  • Four nuts
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