Epson D92 Printer Problems

Updated April 17, 2017

The Epson D92 is an inkjet photo printer suitable for use in a home-office or academic environment. The D92's features include borderless printing capabilities, cross-platform compatibility, a maximum print speed of 12 pages per minute and four individually-replaceable ink cartridges. If your Epson D92 ceases to operate properly, the following tips may help you diagnose and solve the problem.


If you encounter problems when attempting to print documents from your D92, begin by generating a diagnostic printout, as this may help you pinpoint the specific issue. First, turn off the printer and disconnect it from the computer. Next, hold down the maintenance button (located to the right of the power button) while you turn the printer back on. You will hear the printer begin to perform its self-diagnostic and you can release the maintenance button.

At this point, the device will attempt to print the diagnostic information. If the page prints successfully, this suggests that the problem lies with the driver software installed on your computer and not with the printer hardware. Access the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel to uninstall the existing software and perform a fresh installation (for best results, download an up-to-date installer from the Epson website).

If the printer fails to generate the diagnostic printout, confirm that the power cord is securely connected to the rear of the printer. If the device is receiving power, open the printer cover and press the maintenance button until the print head moves to the right (you may need to press the button several times). Lift the cartridge cover and confirm that all the installed ink cartridges are properly seated. Cose the printer cover when you are finished.

Once you have your diagnostic printout, examine the patterns on the paper. If you see blank spots in the pattern, you may need to clean the print head. Hold down the maintenance button for three seconds and wait for the printer to begin the cleaning process (this may take up to 30 seconds). Once the cleaning process is complete, turn off the printer and generate a new diagnostic printout as before. Examine the printout to confirm that the print head was successfully cleaned.

Paper Jams

The input tray on the Epson D92 is designed to hold up to 80 sheets of paper. Exceeding this limit may result in paper jams. To attempt to clear a paper jam automatically, press the maintenance button. If this fails, open the printer door and pull the paper out by hand. Before resuming operation, extract any remnants of paper that may have torn off in the process.

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