Do-it-yourself wedding decorations and ceiling draping

Updated March 23, 2017

One area that is overlooked at most weddings is the ceiling. Though some ceilings are out of reach and cannot be decorated, others are simply a blank canvas, waiting to be gussied up. If your wedding reception location has a low-hanging ceiling or is ripe for decoration, consider incorporating your theme all the way to the top.

Use Tulle for Place Card Holders

Dress up varied, wide strips of tulle with coloured silk ribbons. Then, assign each ribbon colour to a table number. Set up a board with a diagram of each table location, a piece of the ribbon on the inside of the circle (the table) and list the guests names next to each table. Then, use small Velcro circles to attach each card to the lower part of the hanging tulle.

The place card tulle can be placed in a hallway before guests reach the reception room as an added decorative touch as well as a creative way to show guests to their seats.


Bring your guests to a faraway land with long, elegant drapes on the ceiling. For complete ceiling coverage, start in the middle of the ceiling and secure the pieces of fabric with a drapery hook. Then, take the other end of each piece of fabric and attach it to where the ceiling and walls meet. When you are finished, your reception room will look like you are under a romantic tent.

If you want drapes to highlight certain areas of your reception, like the table for the bride and groom or the wedding cake table, hang drapes from the ceiling directly behind each table. The goal is for your drapes to look like a long, sweeping curtain on either side. After hanging 10 drapes (hang them in a straight line), take five on either side and tie them together with silk bows. Or, tie all 10 together so there is not a gap, but instead a beautiful backdrop.


If you will have an outdoor reception under a tent, or an evening reception, ceiling lighting is a must. It adds romantic undertones and soft shadows throughout the room. String small lights across the expanse of the ceiling and then sporadically hang Japanese lanterns for added ambience.

The lights can be white or blue or any colour you deem appropriate for your reception. If you are looking to have a little fun, hang up black lights instead and drape long, white streamers from the ceiling for a unique, one-of-a-kind reception.

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