Where to get liquorice extract

Updated February 21, 2017

Liquorice extract is an herbal supplement that some claim reduces LDL cholesterol levels and helps with weight loss and skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema. Liquorice extract comes in both tablet and liquid form. The supplement can be found in health food shops, online and in cash and carries.


Amazon sells the supplement in both liquid and tablet form with prices ranging from about £2.70 to up to £16 per 100 g (3.5 oz) (as of September 2014). The extract comes in either liquid, powder or capsule form. Amazon even offers package pricing if you order more than one supplement.

Health food shops

Another place to find liquorice extract is at high street health food shops, like Holland and Barrett. One liquorice extract product they sell is "Good n Natural Liquorice Root Capsules " It is packaged in a 420 mg jar of capsules and sells for £9.99 (as of September 2014).

Cash and carries

Cash and carries like Makro also sell sweets containing liquorice extract. "Lion Liquorice Gums" is one such product. It contains liquorice root. Most products sold by grocery and retail shops include only a small amount of liquorice extract. If buying from a superstore or high-end grocer's, check the ingredients section of the product to see how much liquorice extract it contains before buying.

Boots Online

Boots online is the Web version of the well-know high street chemists. They carry a range of products containing liquorice extract that fall into two categories: skin care products and cough syrup.

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