Wedding Staircase Decorations

Updated February 21, 2017

A staircase can be the centrepiece of your wedding. It's one of the first things your guests will notice, and it will be the backdrop for many pictures. You'll be walking down the staircase either during the ceremony or reception. For these reasons, you'll want to use pretty, simple decorations to complement your dress and the rest of the room without being tacky or overwhelming.


White lights provide a soft glow that creates an elegant, romantic ambience without being overly distracting. Use lights in various ways on a wedding staircase. Wrap them around the handrail or drape them along the banister. To hide the wires, cover them with tulle, lace or organza, which will give the glow of the lights a pretty, muted look.


Another way to decorate a wedding staircase is to use fabric in vivid colours and varying textures. Drape a soft, flowing silk down the railing or wrap it around the handrail. Allow fabric to puddle at the bottom for a waterfall effect. Use coloured fabric over white lights so the stairwell just glows slightly. Consider mixing a few coloured fabrics and textures, creating a palette that matches your wedding theme.


Flowers can be used on a wedding staircase in a few different ways. Use three of four smaller bouquets or flower balls, hanging each from the handrail where it attaches to the wall. Or wrap ivy, clematis or another type of climbing vine with flowers around the handrail, down the railing, with miscellaneous vines hanging to the floor. This will give your staircase an enchanted, fairy tale look. If you want a simpler look, sprinkle rose petals down the stairs. It will look romantic and add a faint scent of roses.


Ribbons are a pretty, inexpensive way to decorate a wedding staircase. Use a wide ribbon and twist it in swirls down the staircase, tacking it in a few places so it remains secure. If you are crafty, use ribbons to make large satin bows that you can attach to the handrail. Another way to use ribbons is to drape them over the side of the stairway, allowing them to hang loosely. This is especially pretty at an outdoor venue, where the ribbons can blow and flutter in the wind.

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