Epson C64 Printer Problems

Updated February 21, 2017

The Epson Stylus C64 is an inkjet printer released in 2003. The C64, like many printers, does not always run as intended. Most problems with the printer are common and not serious and can be fixed by following a few troubleshooting steps. You can fix noise and print quality issues without the need of a service technician.


The C64 may occasionally make uncharacteristic noises which are often caused by the ink cartridges. If you just installed the ink cartridges, the C64 needs to charge the print head for proper operation. This usually takes approximately 90 seconds, during which time the power indicator will flash green. Do not turn off the printer during this process as it may cause the printer to discharge too much ink when you next use it. If the power light blinks for 5 minutes, turn off the printer.

Another cause of the noises is improperly inserted ink cartridges. Turn off the printer and check that the ink cartridges are installed correctly and that the cover is closed over the cartridges. Power on the C64 again to resume normal operation.

No Printout

You may find the C64 does not print your documents, even if the power light is on or the printer sounds as if it is working. To fix this problem, check that the USB cable is securely plugged into both the printer and the computer. Next, run a printer check. To run a printer check, turn off the printer and the computer and unplug the USB cable. Hold down the button on the printer with the symbols of a piece of paper and a rubbish bin on it. While holding the button, press the "Power" button. Once the power indicator light starts flashing, let go of the first button. If the printer check page prints, reinstall your printer software.

Another potential cause of the problem may be clogged print nozzles. To clean the nozzles, right click on the printer icon in the taskbar and choose "Head Cleaning." Press "Start" in the "Head Cleaning" window to begin the cleaning. The power indicator will flash during the process. Once finished, you will be prompted to run a nozzle check pattern. Press "Print Nozzle Check Pattern" and then "Print." Once the printout is complete, check for gaps in the printout. Press "Finish" if the printout is correct, or "Clean" if there are gaps. Repeat the process as needed. If you still have problems after three cleanings, you may need to have your printer serviced.

Finally, the printer will not print if it is tilted. Place the printer on a flat surface and try to print again.

Slow Printout

If the C64 is printing slowly, your computer may not meet the minimum system requirements to run the printer. To run the C64, your computer should have at least a Pentium 233MHz processor, 64MB of RAM and at least 100MB of hard drive space. Since most computers will meet these requirements, you may need to adjust some settings on the printer to increase printout speed. When printing a document, click "Properties" in the "Print" window to access additional settings for the printout. Choose the option for black ink only and select the "Draft" quality setting. Both of these options will speed up the printout process. Note, however, that the settings will reduce the quality of the printout.

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