AB Swing Instructions Workout

Updated March 23, 2017

One of the most common body parts to try to improve is your abdominals. Having flat, sculpted abs is not only a source of attraction, but can also have a profound effect on your overall health and fitness. Supplemented with fat burning cardiovascular exercises, the best way to create muscle definition in your abdomen is through training that puts emphasis on abdominal muscle contraction. The AB Swing is an exercise machine that is used for an abdominal workout. It uses a gravity-based system to help train your upper and lower abs and oblique muscles.

Lower Abdomen Swing

One of the problems that people make when training their abs is they focus too much on their upper abdominals and forget about their lower abs. The AB Swing uses a gravitational pull to put emphasis and strain on the lower abs. Sit down in the AB Swing seat so that you are toward the edge of the seat and hold on to the handles for balance. While keeping your legs straight, place your feet in the foot holders. To start exercise, lift your feet as high as you can until you feel your abdominal muscles being worked. Then lower your legs back to the original position. Make sure you keep your legs straight throughout the exercise. Repeat the motion 15 to 20 times or until you are too tired to do any more. Aim for two to three sets per workout. As you improve your fitness level, you may increase the number of sets you do or the number of repetitions per set.

Oblique Swing

Dozens of different exercisest can be done on the floor for your upper and lower abs, however it is more difficult to train your oblique muscles without the help of equipment. The AB Swing effectively trains your obliques by using gravity as the resistance. Sit in the AB Swing seat and place your hands on the handle bars. Then keeping your legs straight, place your feet in the foot holders. Before performing a normal swing, shift your weight to the left side of your buttocks so that your body is no longer straight, but slightly twisted. Then perform a regular swing by lifting your feet up and then lowering them back down. You should feel the exercise in your right oblique. Perform 15 to 20 repetitions and then shift the weight to your right side in order to train your left oblique. Try to do three sets of this exercise.

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