Alternatives to Sending Flowers

Updated February 21, 2017

There are numerous alternatives to sending flowers. Whether the gift you plan to send is for a birthday, anniversary, thank you, or Valentine's Day, take the time to think what the recipient would appreciate. Some find the most convenient ways to send an alternative to flowers is to find an online company specialising in delivered gifts.


Consider sending candy as an alternative to flowers. Whether the gift you plan to send is for Father's Day, a birthday, "Get Well" or for congratulations, sending a candy bouquet is a lighthearted way to show someone you care. The candy can be brand-name candy bars or a basket of classic candies. Some baskets of candy can even be healthy and contain granola bars, energy bars, pretzels and other healthier choices.

Cookie Bouquet

Send a customised cookie bouquet instead of flowers if you are looking for a more personalised gift to give. Each cookie bouquet is specially designed to reflect the occasion. For a birthday bouquet, each cookie is shaped like a birthday cake with lit candles. To celebrate a new baby, cookies are shaped into bottles, diapers and other baby items. Get-well baskets feature cookies shaped like thermometers, aspirin bottles, casts and many other health-inspired shapes.

Meat Products

Have an edible gift of high-quality meat products delivered instead of flowers. Companies like Allen Brothers or Omaha Steaks send prime and choice-cut beef like rib eye, fillet mignon and New York strip steaks. They also sell desserts, appetizers and soups to add on to your order.

Products are shipped frozen. The company may contact your recipient to confirm they will be home so the product stays fresh. Prices of these meat gifts are one of the most expensive options you can send instead of flowers. Gift packages can run from £48 to £325 depending on what product you select.

Seafood Products

Plan on having seafood products delivered if you know the recipient is a seafood fan. Not everyone has a taste for seafood, so either ask the person directly or someone close to that person to find out if a seafood gift is something they would like.

Seafood companies like provide complete lobster dinners and appropriate sides delivered fresh. Sides like soups, chowders, and baked clams can also be sent instead of flowers. Sending fresh seafood is often more expensive than sending flowers. Prices can range from £32 to £130.

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