Things to Do in London on a Sunday Night

Updated April 17, 2017

London is one of Europe's most famous cities. People flock to London to explore the rich history, culture and nightlife that now seem synonymous with other famous London institutions like Parliament or Big Ben. However, many people are unsure of what to do on a Sunday night. There is a lot to do on Sunday night in London; the key to unlocking a magical Sunday evening is knowing what the city offers.

Sunday Night Clubbing

Sunday nightlife is just as active as the nightlife on a Friday or Saturday. Dave Swindells, a journalist for the "Time Out London," says that Sunday night clubbing is superior to any other night. He states: "It's better than that [Saturday]; the parties are invariably more friendly, more polysexual, more cosmopolitan, less expensive." Clubs are open until the early hours of Monday, and blast the techno beats that European clubs are famous for. Retox, a popular site (info link included below), has a packed house on Sunday as people try to squeeze out some weekend fun before returning to the daily grind. Clubs are sprinkled throughout the entire city; a link below lists some of London's hot spots.

Lounges, Jazz Clubs and Cafes

For those who want to go out but don't feel like hitting the clubs, London offers many lounges, jazz clubs and cafes that provide entertainment on Sunday evenings. Ronnie Scott's is one of London's premier jazz clubs. Operating since 1959, Ronnie Scott's hosts performances from popular jazz artists such as Coltrane and Natalie Williams. Offering a full service bar and a relaxing ambience, Ronnie Scott's is a prime choice for entertainment. Many people flock to the Poetry Cafe for Sunday night fun. Sip on some espresso or wine as you listen to open-mike poetry throughout the evening.

Park Strolls and Ghost Tours

For a relaxing Sunday escape, many tourists and residents take a nighttime stroll through one of London's famous parks. Located in Central London, Hyde Park is one of the largest green spaces in the U.K. capital. The walkways are lined with street lights; the landscaped greenery, the pond located in the middle, and lights of the city all around make Hyde Park one of the best places for a relaxing stroll. If you're adventuresome, try a Sunday night ghost tour. London is an ancient city filled with thousands of ghostly tales. London Ghost Walk and Tours offers tours of some of London's most haunted sites. For more information, go to

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