Problems With the Liteon DVD Recorder

Updated April 17, 2017

If you are experiencing problems with a Liteon DVD recorder, manufactured by the LITE-ON-IT Corporation, Liteon recommends you first consult the "Troubleshooting" section of the device's user manual or the FAQs Web page on their website to help you work through the problem.


The "Troubleshooting" section of your DVD recorder manual addresses a wide assortment of problems which users may encounter along with each problem's most likely solution. Common problem you might encounter include, for example, the DVD recorder stops responding to commands; the picture on your DVD recorder may appear with distortion or noises; or you may not be able to activate record mode.


The most likely solutions for each of the aforementioned problems with a Liteon DVD recorder is, in order of first mention, disconnect the DVD recorder from it's power source for a few minutes then reconnect it; check for scratches on your DVD disc and, if applicable, don't run the DVD recorder's output signal through a VCR; insert a blank unformatted DVD-R disc into the DVD recorder.

If All Else Fails

Use the email form offered on the Liteon website (see Resources), to contact their Customer Service team if you're unable to resolve the issue you're having on your own. Select "Product Technical Issue" from the "E-Mail Topic" drop-down menu, then fill out the remainder of the form. You can also use the "Online Chat Support" feature on the Liteon website, or contact the nearest authorised Liteon service centre for assistance.

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