Where to buy pallets of returned merchandise

When items are closed out, overstocked or returned, retailers have to find a way to get rid of the extra product. Instead of just throwing the items away, many manufacturers sell that merchandise to wholesalers, who repackage the items and sell them in large lots for a fraction of their normal cost. This merchandise can then be resold in a variety of venues, including flea markets, second-hand stores or online. If you have ever considered earning a living through retail sales, there are a few places where you can get pallets of close-out, overstock or returned merchandise online.

TDW Closeouts

TDW Closeouts stocked pallets are a combination of customer-returned goods, merchandise salvaged from stores and overstock items. Items repackaged by TDW come directly from department stores, chemists and other legitimate retail locations. The pallets sold at TDW are packaged by retail type, such as chemist items, dollar store items, general merchandise, mail-order catalogue items and high-end department store merchandise. Depending on the type of goods you want to buy, pallets can vary in price, from a just few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

To ensure that you are getting the very best deal on returned and salvaged goods, TDW has a company policy that lets you verify it. You can call a department store directly and get a quote for their overstocked, salvaged or returned items. If you get a cheaper quote directly from a department store and call or fax TDW Closeouts your cheaper quote, they will beat the department store price.

Via Trading

Like TDW Closeouts, pallets at Via Trading are sold by category, but Via Trading's pallets offer slightly more specific categories, which may make it easier to start a specialised store. Categories at Via Trading include electronics, clothing, home and kitchen, fashion, seasonal items and even furniture, with some categories broken down even further, such as spring/summer clothes, fall/winter clothes and children's clothes. Pallets in these categories will include only merchandise that fits these narrow definitions, which allows you to be a little more selective about the product you end up buying.

Bargain Report

Part of Maria's Bargain New York Liquidator, Bargain Report buys the shelf-pulls, surplus and customer returns from high-end retail and department stores across the United States. The merchandise pallets repackaged and sold by Bargain Report are then divided, much like Via Trading's pallets, into categories. Categories on the Bargain Report web site include bedding, children's clothing, household items, high-end clothing and jewellery.

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