Window Covering Ideas for Patio Doors

Updated February 21, 2017

Patio doors look beautiful from the inside and outside of your home, and bring natural light into a room. There are many window coverings that can enhance the beauty of patio doors without completely blocking the light and still give you privacy. Window coverings for your patio doors may also keep the cold out in the winter or keep your home cooler in the summer. Another benefit is they can block out a lot of harmful UV rays. Choose a window covering according to your needs.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds work well for covering patio doors. They come in many styles, colours, patterns and textures. Most vertical blinds give you the option of blocking the sun on a hot day just by closing them. Fabric vertical blinds are also a good choice because they give you privacy but still let filtered light into your room. Another option for patio doors are wood vertical blinds. They're resistant to bowing and warping. These types of blinds repel dirt and have a hard and durable outer shell that holds up better when exposed to the elements.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are ideal window coverings for patio doors that add elegance to a room. They're durable, which makes them a good choice if you have children. Bi-pass shutters are used for sliding patio doors. You can slide the shutter panel if you want to move it. Shutter panels can also be attached to a hinged door. A benefit of plantation shutters is they won't block your view when they are open and you'll still have privacy. You can close them in the winter for warmth or in the summer to keep the heat out.


Insulated drapes are another option. Hang the drapes from a curtain rod or hooks. Because of their popularity, it's easy to find drapes to match your decor You'll have privacy and can block the bright sun from coming into your room. Some types of patio door drapes have a pinch pleading heading treatment, which means you can use drapery rings with clips and dowel rods to hang them. Linen patio door drapes are another option. They can be combined with other drapes or hung alone. Linen drapes will give your room an elegant look.

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