Best Way to Clean Interior Car Windows

Updated July 05, 2018

Once you have finished cleaning the outside of your car, you need to clean the inside. Your car windows can't be cleaned with just any product. Some products cause streaks or smudges on the glass. This not only looks unattractive, but it interferes with your vision.

Choosing Your Supplies

Look for a window cleaner that is labelled as streak free. If you don't want to purchase window cleaner, you can make your own at home. Be sure to dilute your homemade solution with water. The more you dilute the solution, the better your chances of not producing streaks or smudges. And be sure to use a towel that is lint free. Lint will just stick to the smears and you will have problems drying the window completely. The towel should also be absorbent since you will want it to dry more than one window.

Use an eight oz. spray bottle for your homemade window solution. In the spray bottle place two oz. of vinegar and six oz. of water. Shake and it is ready for use.

Spraying the Window Cleaner

Spray window cleaner on every inch of your interior car windows. You cannot clean up all of the dirt on your window if you don't allow the cleaner to do its job. One or two squirts will not do the trick. They will just help you push the dirt from one spot to another. It is also important not to spray the window cleaner on the towel first. The cleaner will not stick to the dirt if it is already absorbed in the towel.

Drying the Windows

The trick to drying your windows without leaving streaks is to move in a boxlike motion, not in circles. The problem with circles is that you end up missing spots and you can't get in the corners of the window. About five seconds after spraying your cleaning solution, wipe around the edges of the window with your towel so that you make a square. Then move your towel back and forth from the top of the window down to the bottom of the window. Examine the window to make sure you didn't miss any spots.

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