Kids' hippie costume ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

If you're looking for an easy costume to put together for your child, consider making a hippie costume. You can use old clothing or a simple fabric pattern to create the costume. Bring back the spirit of the '60s by re-creating the fashion trends that made this era so memorable. Share your memories of this decade with your child as the costume is put together.

Flower Power Outfit

Create your own costume featuring bright-coloured flower prints. Use an old, white long-sleeved T-shirt. Then find a pattern for a fringed vest and bell-bottomed trousers. Many fabric stores offer clothing patterns to help you make the outfit. Finish the look with a braided headband and a bold piece of jewellery.

Tie-Dye Shirt, Jeans With Holes

Take a used white T-shirt and teach your child how to tie-dye it. Use multiple colours to create a rainbow design similar to what hippies wore. Leave the clothes outside for a day to dry. Wash the shirt with Synthrapol detergent to ensure the colours don't mix in undesired ways. Then take a pair of faded, used jeans and cut some holes in them. Finish the look with a long necklace with a large peace sign pendant.

Go-Go Girl

If your girl has ever desired to be a go-go girl from the '60s, create a groovy dress for her. Find a pattern for a long-sleeved dress with bell sleeves. Then find a bright-coloured, psychedelic fabric to use. Create a matching bandanna to place in her hair. Combine the outfit with a pair of long, white boots and bold-coloured jewellery.

British Invasion Boy

Go to the thrift store to look for a black, vintage suit, black shoes and tie for your boy. Buy an inflatable or plastic guitar for him to carry as well. Then find a moptop wig for him to wear. Or go for the Sgt. Pepper-era look with a bright-coloured marching band jacket and matching pair of trousers. Add some John Lennon glasses to complete the outfit.

Woodstock Girl

Talk about the greatest music festival of the '60s as you help your girl find the perfect Woodstock outfit. Visit thrift stores or shop online to find a peasant top with angel sleeves and jeans with embroidery on them. Add subtle jewellery pieces to the outfit. Then style your girl's hair to be long and wavy. Add a fake flower to her hair. Finish the outfit with a pair of sandals.

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